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NAMASKARA, let me take the good chance to write about the person! who contributed his knowledge to the history of our state KARNATAKA.I COMPLIMENT this article to all the monuments which we neglected by not knowing their importence.I AM ALSO GREATFUL TO THE INSTITUTE OF KANNADA STUDIES UNIVERSITY OF MYSORE for the publication of epigraphia carnataka coorg district by which icame to know the facts published here. BENJAMIN LEWIS RICE born on JULY17,1837.After compleating his educationin ENGLAND he served for afew years at engaland.IN 1860 he came to BANGALORE,worked as the Head -master of the central High school.He also worked as the INSPECTOR OF SCHOOLS;IN MYSORE AND COORG REGIONS BETWEEN 1865-1868and became the DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION in MYSORE STATE till 1883.he became the secretary to the department.when the DEPT. OF ARCHEOLOGY WAS ESTABLISHED IN THE MYSORE STATEin 1884 he was appointed as as director of archeology in addition to original post held by him,finally in the year 1890, THE GOVT OF MYSORE recognised his valuable knowledge in archeology APPOINTED B.L.RICE as the full time direcor for he archeology.HE DID HIS GREAT JOB in that position till 1906.after22 years of great contribution he retired from govt. service.
RICE contributions to our state is the basic foundation the historical facts which we boastS
a lot about our HERITAGE OF KARNATAKA.RICE acquainted very much with this region, its people, language,traditions,....etc.he visited every nook and corner of the region to collect information,evidences,inscriptions, by using his designations as director of multi depts.HE also collected a LARGE number of MANUSCRIPTS,LOCAL TRADITIONS, HISTORICAL RECORDS.His experiences and collection of these materials made to publish his FAMOUS MYSORS GAZETTEER in 1877-1878 and revised in 1897. B.L. RICE was the first person prepared report of population census of mysore state with vital statistics in 1881.he acted as a sun ray in the hisorical facts which were unknown to the people .Inscriptions which are prominently visible in front of the villages,temples naturally attracted him.he began to study these inscriptions as hobby and published research articles.IN 1876 rice article on MERCARA COPPER PLATE published in the very first volume of INDIAN ANTIQUARY.,AND IN 1879 HIS MYSORE INSCRIPTIONS WAS PUBLISHED.He was also a very good TRANSLATOR OF INSCRIPTIONS OF VARIOUS TYPE. he publised EPIGRAPHIA CARNATAKA and issued vol-1 "COORG INSCRIPTIONS" in1886.he also published "INSCRIPTIONS OF SHRAVANABELAGOLA"IN 1889. HE CONDUCTED SYSTAMATIC SURVEY FOR THE MATERIALS OF ARCHEOLOGICAL IMPOTANCES. BENJAMIN LEWIS RICE the father of epigraphia series in mysore state.he published nearly 8869 inscriptions in 12 volumes of epigraphia books,most of them are of great value in understanding the history of karnataka.his works takes kannadigas to date back to 3rd century B.C. Some of his collections were deposited in the ORINTAL LIBRARY, NEAR UNIVERSITY OFFICE AT MYSORE.THIS LIBRARY ESTABLISHED SOMETIME DURING 1880-1884. AFTER RETIREMENT he left india and settled at HARROW in U.K. from there he prepared rivised editions of EPIGRAPHIA CARNATICA for government of india in 1914.HIS SAD DEMISE TAKEN PLACE ON 10july1927 at the age of 90. but we kannadigas are very unkind tohim by not remembeing him at least once in a year! whom to blame for this!IS IT NOT POSSIBLE TO CELEBRATE 17 JULY AS ITIHASA SAMHODAKA DINA. KANNADIGA MASUGALE YOCHISI. NIMMA PREETHIYA@...................NIMMOLAGOBBA.